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What We Do

We bring together groups of 8-12 entrepreneurs and work with them via video conference on a monthly basis. From expertly facilitated group meetings to one-on-one sessions to being available 24/7 for those times when inspiration strikes at 3:00am! Each group is comprised of non-competing individuals and is led by a well-respected entrepreneur who has vast expertise in owning, running and even turning around many businesses, both large and small.


We keep our groups together long-term, we foster a closely knit and collaborative environment and we keep everything confidential. It is not uncommon for each member to leave our meetings with 2-3 ideas they can implement right away.


We also spend a lot of time talking about, learning about and playing tennis. Business and Tennis are our passions and we love to work hard to get better at both!




We take the time during your initial interview to ask several key questions. We want to know where you are in your ownership journey. We also offer optional behavioral tests to help you understand things such as your personality type and what you are best at among a variety of options. Lastly, we want to make sure we understand your goals, both long term and short term, so we can best help you accomplish them.



We have created a unique 1-page strategic planning process that helps clarify each vital aspect of a solid strategy for a new business. We will walk through the process with you and will help you clearly articulate how your business will be run. If you need help on a particular part of your strategy, our many years of planning for small and large businesses plus the experience of the other members of your peer group will help you finish your plan.




Our proven process, along with the continual support and advice of your peer group will help you with fundamental business issues such as:

  • How can I increase my sales?

  • I am in a competitive bind of buying from large suppliers and selling to large customers. The large suppliers impose price increases and the large customers resist my price increases. Our profits are being squeezed. How can we overcome this situation?

  • People problems – experience has taught us that people problems comprise at least 50% of the issues presented in our meetings and are by far the most complex.



We are similar to some other peer executive groups in that we exist to help each of the members and their businesses be as successful as possible. However, how we achieve those goals is uniquely different. Our model is very “real world” and could be described as a spontaneous case study approach. The monthly group meetings are dynamic, spontaneous and improvisational all within a flexible structure that encourages creativity, innovation, personal growth, continuous learning and mutual support.




It’s important to identify factors that are essential to the success of a business but, beyond that, it’s vitally important to know which factors are most important. Our team will help you focus on the right factors first and make sure you understand how to implement them in your business. Your peer group will also regularly give you insights into how they are handling issues related to these same factors and you will help each other not only start well but continue to operate well over the long term.



Businesses of all sizes have a set of best practices. Many of them are the same regardless of the amount of sales, age of the company or number of employees a business has. However, some require an additional unique set of best practices. We help you identify those that will be important to your business by using tools such as our own option evaluation matrix, profit improvement options and customer service tracking. Your peer group will give you advice here as well and you will benefit greatly from the expertise of the entire team.

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